Mission statement

In the last couple of decades the humanities and social science departments at universities in the Western world have experienced a radical paradigm change. Where previously scientific thought was rooted in the enlightenment principles of rational empiricism, (post-)modern theory has declared even the requirement that any theory must stand up to the test of observable reality to be itself an instrument of heteronormative male domination.

Evidence provided by observation and empirical testing has been replaced by subjectivist tenets of self-identification and the imperatives of the emancipation of one gender from the other. All epistemology has been relativized to a spectrum of possible truths so as to accommodate a theory of diversity founded entirely in social construction.

By definition, this fundamental denial of the common ground of empirical reality, against which all theory can be tested, has removed the very basis for meaningful dialogue. We are left with a discourse reduced to acceptance or rejection, with no room for negotiation.

Those who would speak against ruling opinion will, by pure force of this “logic”, be required to be silent.

This forum is dedicated to those voices.