About us


Cuncti sees itself as a magazine for free thought. We love controversy, all that is quarrelsome, durable, feasible and viable, all mavericks, and those who do not wait to be heard, but made their voice heard. Our authors include writers, scientists and executives as well as people involved in social work and in therapeutic practice or those who engage in social movements and non-profit organizations and as such have their ear to the ground. They deal with people’s real lives, and they all share the common goal counter public opinion with published opinion.


AGENS stands for the esteem of  the constitutionally guaranteed rights of women and men.
AGENS  is fully committed to the free democratic basic regulation  of the Federal Republic of Germany and is
committed to the conservation of these basic values
AGENS  is demanding the right of equal opportunities and self-determined lifestyle of men, women and
AGENS opposes any form of violence and discrimination in private life, school and work.
AGENS provides a network of dedicated people’s contribution to a new understanding of the relationships
between men and women to a free, self-determined civil society.
AGENS explores the necessary conditions for the compatibility of the individual needs of men and women in
terms of
–  opportunities in the private sector through independent partnership:
–  the joint education of children by mother and father
–  academic and professional success and social appreciation
–  a violence-free life
–  and every day’s life AGENS stands for

  • the strengthening of the family,
  • equal rights of fathers and mothers to their children
  • a child-friendly social climate that also – against the background of demographic change –  sees children as  a fundamental   part of society’s future security
  • the needs-based supporting of boys and girls in all situations.
  • the enforcing of the public awareness of the increasing inequality and discrimination against boys and men at all levels of society.
  • combating anti-democratic ideologies
  • liberation of men and women from ideological role models
  • positive appreciation of knowledge and achievement as a basis of individual success in profession and economy