Sweden’s Academic Rights Watch supports Boghossian in the Grievance Studies affair

14. Feb 2019

Sweden’s prominent academic watchdog now joins leading academics in supporting Dr Peter Boghossian following Portland State University’s decision to open an investigation into research misconduct relating to the ...

US professor uninvited from Swedish pedagogy conference

22. Nov 2018

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Non-egalitarian conclusions from IQ studies “in violation of ethical standard”

Concluding, based on empirical findings, that there are differences in intelligence between individuals and groups is not ...

Sweden gets its own Jordan B. Peterson

13. Nov 2018

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Professor refuses to comply with medical school demanding “correct” gender terminology in teaching

In order to prevent students from feeling discriminated the Faculty of Medicine at Lund ...

Academic Rights Watch criticizes Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology: students’ right to free speech violated

17. Apr 2018

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Academic Rights Watch has received an audio recording suggesting that students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm do not have the right to free ...

Applicant for art professorship excluded on political grounds: failed to be “norm critical”

29. Jan 2018

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

If you are considering a future professorship at the prestigious Swedish University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, you should already start thinking about the ...

Health of Swedish academia questioned following introduction of reading list gender quotas

4. Jan 2018

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Can universities force teachers to use some texts rather than others in the reading list to their own courses? The question arises following the introduction of ...

Swedish scholars need international support amid systematic violations of academic freedom

4. Jan 2018

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Swedish academics need support from the international community at a time when their academic rights and social function are being questioned in their home country. Therefore, ...

Noted critic of identity politics denied promotion at Stockholm University

4. Jan 2018

(from Acadamic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Overruling the recommendations of independent referees, Stockholm University recently declined Johan Lundberg’s application for promotion to Full Professor. A noted public intellectual, Associate Professor Lundberg had, ...