US professor uninvited from Swedish pedagogy conference

(from Academic Rights Watch, Sweden)

Non-egalitarian conclusions from IQ studies “in violation of ethical standard”

Concluding, based on empirical findings, that there are differences in intelligence between individuals and groups is not permissible in educational research in Sweden, a country known for its egalitarian policies. Distinguished American professor Linda Gottfredson was originally invited to give a keynote lecture at a pedagogy conference in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Yet, before the conference was about to take place in October this year, she received the message that she had been “uninvited” following protests from other researchers arguing that Gottfredson’s non-egalitarian conclusions contradict the organizer’s ethical standard.

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2 Replies to “US professor uninvited from Swedish pedagogy conference”

  1. Like Professor (Dr.) Fiamengo, Professor Gottfredson was blindsided and humiliated without even a veiled attempt at honest dialogue, a discussion with research and facts to help make the conference work for all, that is, inclusively. Some if the most established and prestigious minds proved their incapacity and rigid unwillingness to deconflict and resolve these issues. That is egalitarian; that is human and humane. Humiliation is unacceptable, intentionally hurtful. The “egalitarian” approach has shown it’s true colors, and all that comes to mind is, symbolic of the most despicable egregious immaturity, (self-) hatred and contempt: Swastikas galore.
    Please direct me to a place, some people, a group perhaps, where I can find understanding, honest dialogue, yes Truth, that will help me come to know and understand this type of mob, without myself succumbing to its foregone place of hatred, disdain and death.

  2. Universities are about debate, and the way of countering arguments you disagree with is to present other, rational arguments. Anything else is poisoning the wells of academic discourse.

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