5 Replies to “Prof. Janice Fiamengo: Physics under SJW attack (Video)”

  1. Very good video laying out the problems with the protest letter against Strumia. Very, very troubling that so many scientists would sign that letter.

    1. It’s not surprising at all. This is what happens when academic institutions get filled with people who are there for the money coming with the job, not to do the job right! Modern science is becoming just another career opportunity, not a path one should follow in the pursuit of Truth (and yeah, this T is capital). And here come the results of the institutionalization of science. The moment when you decide to sell out your convictions for your salary is the moment you are no longer qualified to be a true scientist. Yes, you might get a few more bucks for your participation in social activity (actually a lot more bucks) and have some sore papers on your CV but it comes with a price-you are selling your convictions for that cozy seat and the authority to dictate what is true and what is not. I think at least some of these names have signed this pack with the devil and are now doing their parts. Sad, but true.

  2. I can’t believe Sean Carrol signed that! I always thought highly of him and how he conducted himself publicly. I just lost a ton of respect, I hope he wasn’t completely sure what he was signing or felt pressured. Still, so disappointed!

    1. I can’t believe Lisa Randall signed it too!! All those weak arguments in that letter; unbelievable on that level of intelligence!!
      The “strongest” of those weak arguments was that Strumia worked on something (which by the way some of the subscribers did as well) that turned out to be a non-issue later on.
      What if Dark Matter turns out to be nonexistent. Is Randall then a bad scientist??

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